NewsTime CMS

NewsTime CMS

Gone are the days when print media was wholly and solely depend on newspapers for revenue generation. With the penetration of technology, improving economic status and more importantly raising awareness among masses, that trend is soon going to be history.

Need of the hour

Change is inevitable, laborious, costly but largely effective. As print media tried to inculcate change, they found it very hectic to keep their websites updated 24*7. For this services of full web developer were required. This meant additional human resource costs to the company which could have been easily avoided.

To reduce the labour cost and mitigate your suffering, we have introduced News time Cms. A closed source content management software primarily designed for print media to let them administer their website themselves. Our software is not accessible to everyone except those who buy it .there is an obvious reason for this decision. The reason being that open source software’s are prone to malicious intrusions and hence are not secure. News time Cms is very responsive and allows you to process more than one million visits at a time without any hiccups in your website. With our software, you will be having flexibility of publishing news, posting articles, creating a list of columnists, getting social, receiving feedback and setting things right.

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Angular Java Stack

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