NewsTime E-paper

NewsTime E-paper

Time has gone when print media used to outsource work because of laborious process involved. With the introduction of News time e paper the process of managing the e paper has become very easy. What is unique about News time e paper is that, it allows you to upload one page of newspaper within 3 minutes. Isn’t that surprising! News time e paper has an inbuilt option which allows readers to read a particular news item separately. You just have to select the news item, click on it and it is done. Don’t be contented with this. News Time e Paper is based on MVC.NET architecture which enables visitors to view e paper very quickly. MVC.NET architecture consumes low resources and optimizes the performance of e paper

Manage user

User manager lets you create, add, delete and manage users. The importance of this module is based on the fact that it prevents unauthorized access to the employees who have recently resigned by deleting their credentials. The module also lets you print as well as download in different formats such as pdf and csv.

Manage paper

Uploading have been made easy by our paper management module. With our paper manager module, you have to follow simple steps to create and upload the images of your e paper and you are done. The module is provided with a search option which allows you to filter any e paper which you have uploaded on the basis of page id, paper date, page no, created by, and created time.


The module lets you monitor the functioning of e paper and make changes if required. With this you can select the paper title, change the paper alignment and upload new logos for the e paper. Setting module also lets you to manage password for the e paper e mail.