MVC Architecture

News time Cms software is based on model view control architecture. It provides Seo friendly URL's which make it easier for search engines to find your website.The website based on MVC is fast, consumes low resource and gives optimal performance


News time Cms is a closed source software with inbuilt web application firewall. The significance of WAF is based on the fact that it traces intrusions which happen via authorized protocols such as HTTP which was not possible with conventional firewalls


News time Cms allows you to process more than one million visits at a time without any hiccups in your website, which means customers will keep visiting .As long as News time Cms is there, you don't have to worry about the technicalities

Caught off Guard

When unexpected thing happen with your system or bugs creep in we don't let them become exigency as is the case with most open type software like WordPress Drupal etc. We act promptly to protect your business from anonymous hackers

News time Cms is a closed source software with inbuilt web application firewall. The software comprises of different modules having following features
  • Approve, disapprove or delete the comments on the basis of their relevance with comment manager.
  • Create new accounts, assign different roles to the employees that too within seconds with user manager.
  • Post, share and tweet directly from website to remain connected with billions of people.
  • Manage and modify settings of your email, Facebook, twitter etc. from one location.

  • Comparison
    WordPress NewsTime CMS
    Source Open
    Everyone has access to its code
    Only those who have license can get access
    Security Prone to Attacks
    Due to its open access it prone to attacks from hackers
    As access is limited, hackers are unable to infiltrate the your systems
    Performance Websites having open source code are liable to get crashed on heavy traffic inflow It can process one million visits at one particular time
    Support Not provided
    Word press does not provide any support, if something goes wrong with your website
    All monitoring and support services are available on a nominal annual fee